Ajitabha Bose is a popular Indian bestselling author, filmmaker, designer and an entrepreneur.

He holds the national record for publishing the smallest love story book India. Currently based in Delhi, he was born and brought up in Jamshedpur. He completed his schooling from Gulmohur High School. He introduced the concept of pocket books in India.

He has published 6 books – It’s A Love Story (2013), The Pocket Love Story (2015), In Love With Shah Rukh Khan (2016), The Bestseller (2017) and It’s My Love Story (2018) and Until We Meet Again (2019). He has a base of over 6,00,000 readers. He was featured in Limca Book of Records for contribution in literature and making the national record of India's Smallest Love Story Book. His book "In Love With Shah Rukh Khan" received love from all over the world and Shah Rukh Khan himself appreciated the book. He is known throughout the nation for his unique idea of pocket books.

He is the Chairman & Co-Founder of BDL Studios, a renowned production house based in Delhi-NCR. He has worked in 450+ videos and made 45,000+ designs till date. Ajitabha is a graduate from Institute of Management Studies, Ghaziabad.

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It's A Love Story is short love story which revolves around the life of two people in their college time. The gradually fall in love but the faith has something else planned for them. Join the most interesting story of the year.

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The Story revolves around the lives of Ramachandra and Tani, where Ramachandra falls in love with Tani but it isn’t the same with Tani. She doesn’t like him at all. Gradually they become friends and enjoy each other’s company. Will she fall in love with him or time will separate them forever.

Aanya was a small town girl and Vivaan was a flirt. Life takes a different turn when love brought them together. She had a dream of meeting Shah Rukh Khan. He promised to fulfill it.
What lies ahead? Where will destiny lead them? Read this heartwarming tale of love, dreams and emotions.

Every author wants to become a bestseller one day. Do you know over 1 Lac books are published in India every year! Only a few become a bestseller. Have you ever wondered how it is to live a life of a bestselling author? Come, join me and read a story of life, love and dreams. It’s a story of Priyanshi and her dream to become a bestseller.

It's a story inspired from real life incidents. A story based on the college life of 6 friends. It's a love story of Aditya and Janvi. Aditya is from Jamshedpur and moves to Delhi for his graduation. He aspires to become a successful filmmaker. Janvi is a Delhiite and loves travelling. She dreams to settle in Italy someday. Life takes a different turn when love brought them together.
What lies ahead? Where will destiny lead them? Bestselling author Ajitabha Bose brings to you another heartwarming tale of love, friendship and dreams.

How far will you go to meet your love again?
More often than not, we rekindle our hopes in the desire of holding onto things which are to be let go of. More often than not, that thing is love. That’s what brought together Shivangi and Karan. Read this heartwarming tale of love, trust and a forever you might have never read before.

Established in the year 2011, with an aim to launch new comers, BDL Studios is one of the eminent production houses in Delhi-NCR engaged in the area of film making, designing, marketing and advertising. BDL Studios has a huge client base which includes over 90 brands. BDL Studios have worked for famous brands like Google, Amazon India, Hindustan Times, Penguin Publishers, Westland Publishers, IndiaMart and many more which have gifted them immense reputation in the market. Also, their projects include social assignments which have covered NGOs based all over the nation. Some of their significant and illustrious projects include Meri Kahaani (A Web Series), Safar, Gallan Rab Di, Maahiya, Tere Aa Jane Se and many more. BDL Studios has launched over 400 new comers till date.

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Being a mass communication graduate, Ajitabha Bose was always into public speaking societies and was an active speaker of the college. He is a popular speaker amongst the youth and has spoken in numerous seminars across the country. Being in film making and writing sector for numerous years gives him the advantage of knowing the pulse of the youth and what it really wants.

To invite Ajitabha as a speaker to your school, college or organisation, please mail him at or call at +91-7503680797.